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It is amazing to me that we have been attending this church for four years.  It seems so long ago, yet yesterday, that we made the decision to go there.

It seemed that God was calling us to go where our gifts could be more greatly utilized for His glory.  The distance was slightly shorter in the opposite direction of our normal drive, but travel time wasn’t the deciding factor.  Desiring to move on to what God wanted for us was.

“So has this move been successful in the utilization of our gifts and abilities?” you ask.  I would say so.  It is a pleasure to be a sort of “jack of all trades” doing many things on a regular basis and trying other new things.  (Yes, the Pastor knows that I abhor making phone calls . . . about anything but especially about scheduling school assemblies!  That was a failed experiment for sure!)

Our church is the host church for The Power Team crusades coming to Wellsville in May.  I get to use my limited graphic arts abilities to create the program; my administration abilities in many other areas.

Our church has begun having regularly scheduled women’s meetings which I get to facilitate.  We’re having a couple of special events this spring that we’re currently planning.  And Vacation Bible School is just around the corner…what fun that will be!

I get to help out with the Sunday Morning powerpoint presentations and other office stuff that keeps me busy weekly.

If you’ve seen “The Rookie” you will remember that Jimmy Morrison, after regaining his love of the game, says “We get to play baseball today.”  That’s how I feel about the use of my gifts … “I get to!”

All this “stuff” that I “do” is fun and interesting.  But it’s a constant challenge to remember why I’m doing it.  Serving Jesus in love and with joy…what better thing can there be?

And a dear friend reminded me of this just last week.  I was on the edge of lamenting that I did not take any classes this year or make any great strides toward serious writing.  She reminded me why we came to this church, then she reminded me of the impact that our church will make in these next three months.  And I get to be a part of it!

I’ll work on keeping that perspective and I hope you’ll be reading to see how things are going!

(Obviously, I didn’t mention my husband’s service opportunities.  But his gifts are being greatly used as well.)


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