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funeral friday

Remember earlier in the week when I mentioned writing about our business?  Yes, the alliteration reference — Funeral Friday.

I hope you enjoy installment number 1.

Do you get your local newspaper?  Are you like me, that when it arrives you immediately turn to page 2?  The obituaries.  You glean so much information from that page.

Obviously we place obituaries in the newspaper on a regular basis.  Usually the notice is placed in our local paper or in communities within our state.  Only occasionally do we have a need to place an obituary in an out-of-state paper.  When we do, it is simply a duplicate of the information placed in our area paper.

Most obituaries give biographical information about the deceased, listing family connections, interests, education and career achievements.  And usually an obituary will give information about the funeral service such as the time and location.  Included in that is an item referred to, by us, as “Calling Hours.”

“Friends may call on Thursday from 2-4 and 7-9…”  This is the visitation period offered to the community so that acquaintances, friends, and extended family may greet the grieving family and express their sympathy in the loss of this dear person.

I believe that the written invitation to visit may be expressed in different manners in the various regions of our country.

A number of years ago, shortly before our evening “calling hours” began, my husband received a phone call from Georgia.  A very cordial woman, and very articulate too, I might add, greeted him.  She proceeded to talk about the deceased telling about how they became friends, what a wonderful person he was, and how she will miss him greatly.

Though my husband was happy to talk with her, he was somewhat concerned as he likes to be available when the family comes in after their break from the afternoon calling hours.  So he gently commiserated with her and eventually asked what he could do for her, since she had called him.

She said that since the obituary said that friends could call from 7-9 she picked up the phone and called…


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I watched a movie last spring that has come to mind recently.  I’m sure you’ve seen it.  Evan Almighty.  (This isn’t a movie review or even a recommendation, you’ll have to check a review site and see if you want to watch it.)  Honestly, I watched it because Jamie Morrison, from The Power Team, kept referring to my husband as Evan.

Morgan Freeman, loosely representing the Holy Spirit, encouraged the characters to consider just what they were asking when they prayed.  If they were praying for their family to grow closer together, did they expect rosy days, sweet smiles, hugs and kisses?  The implication was, if that is what they immediately expected as a result of their prayers, they would be disappointed.

As the movie developed the idea, the family went through difficult events.  But along the way, things began to happen to shape that family into a caring unit.  The prayer was, indeed answered, but not without stretching the people involved.

It strikes me that we, in our churches, pray regularly for unity, harmony; to be in one accord.  Our fervent prayer is that God would make us one.  What a great testimony to our community to see people who love God and each other.

And we expect rosy days, sweet smiles, hugs and kisses.

Strength and bonding come from trial and pressure.   For instance, what happens when a glue stick is rubbed on the back of a photo and the photo is simply laid on the paper?  Not much, I’d say.  But when you press the photo onto the paper, the two will stay together.

So we pray this ethereal request for unity and we don’t evaluate the possible consequences of getting what we ask for.  Perhaps it will take lots of trial and pressure to transform our local body of believers into a true picture of the living and loving Lord.  Things could get really bad; they might even get really personal.

So when we pray for unity, are we also saying that we’ll stick around for the transformation process?  This is a grievous point that I don’t believe we American Christians have seriously evaluated.  Do we really mean it when we say we want to be one…or are we thinking that we want the other guys to conform to us?  Conformation, not transformation.

Transformation affects all of us, but some of those praying for it flee.  This exodus from the local church when trials and pressure come cannot be pleasing to our Lord.  But those who remain, work through it, grieve their unnecessary losses, and are stronger for having chosen to bond rather than run.

So when you pray, consider that the end result you’re seeking may actually be a process that requires time and pain.  Then decide if you mean it so much that you will remain and claim the victory of unity with your local church.


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Themed Blog

Blogs are amazing things.  We get to peer into the lives of others to learn about their success stories, their driving purpose, their failures, their opinions.  It’s a whole transparent world out there, just waiting to be explored.

Most bloggers have a theme to their site.  My friend Shari has an incredible blog with a cross stitching theme at Shari’s Sharings.  Others have bloggin’s on how to write, beautiful girlhood, femininity, family issues, etc.

I think one of my stumbling blocks to blogging is that “I have no theme” …

I homeschooled my children for a long time and believe homeschooling is a great option…but I also believe homeschooling is a great option for anyone but it’s not for everyone….  So if you do a search for homeschooling bloggers, you’ll find a great many out there with wonderful suggestions and great attitudes that will inspire you to keep going …

I have two wonderful daughters in public school now, but I’m not sure that either they or the school really want me writing about them and the experience on a daily basis.

My husband owns a funeral home and I work very closely with him there.  No body work … it’s all media.  Perhaps you’d like to hear some of my stories and opinions generated from that rich environment ???  There I have it!  When I blog on Friday’s, I can call it —  Funeral Friday!  (I truly love alliteration!  Ask our church members, our events are usually “named” by me and they usually sport alliteration!)

I am very active at church, but have no one single passion of service.  I love working with the music team in the Powerpoint capacity and I love singing when they can tolerate me.  I enjoy working with the women’s ministry and seeing women grow closer for kingdom unity.  I love decorating for dinners and such.

I have a son in the Air Force — an amazing son, I should say.  But while I pray for him and support him, I don’t really want to make him the focus of my blog.

I have a dear daughter who works at the University Library while she is getting her graduate degree in library science.  She does a wonderful job entertaining us all on Facebook, so you can check her out there.

When I look at my keywords, I find that I have a pretty broad range of ideas going here.  I suppose that gives me freedom to explore all kinds of topics, right?

Theme-less Linda, that’s OK, right?

If you want to read a marvelous blog, check out this one:  http://networkedblogs.com/ezd9Y

I see a number of themes running through this one that inspire me.  Ah!  Maybe that’s what I want to do… Inspire You!  Inspiration doesn’t need a theme because it actually already has one.

God is our theme of inspiration.  All truly inspiring things are born of God and our faith…

I’ll ponder that… a blog to inspire.

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Poem from Long Ago

I was reading some poems I wrote in high school…thought I’d share one because it’s still so true.

such unworthiness

Lord, You are my
only King.
To You I give
I have very little
on this earth,
but please take it
for what it’s worth.
I rule no kingdoms;
I own no gold;
I have no fame,
yet I am sold.
For You loved me
at Gethsemane
and then You bought me
by dying on the tree.
I am only a poor,
weak creature.
But inside of  me
is a special feature.
Within me is
the soul You bought.
That soul for which
You diligently fought.
Yes Lord, now
my soul You own;
the only worthy thing
I may bring to Your throne.

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