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I just received a reminder that the National Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church is coming upon us….November 8, 2009.

Falling shortly after Halloween and before Thanksgiving … a day to remember to pray for our sisters and brothers who pay the price.  It doesn’t seem sufficient for me, this year, to just wait until that day to speak — but to start now to put out a plea to remember them.

There are websites that can provide you with the facts and figures, building the irrefutable case that Christians suffer greatly for the cause of Christ.  I don’t need to establish that information for you. 

When one thinks about the sufferings of Christ for the cause of the salvation of man, the images and implications are phenomenal.  You may or may not believe or accept the work of Christ.  Given the resources available to someone who is truly seeking, I will not debate that issue.  I accept it as true and I believe without a doubt in the amazing sacrifice of Jesus for me.  I believe also the amazing sacrifice of the Father for me. 

And faithful Christians the world over, nearly, pay a price for choosing to believe.  The hardships, suffering, and even persecutions they endure are unimaginable to me, to us.  Yet they persevere … they will obtain a crown of life! 

And then, here I am.  Here you are.  We live the American Dream while they endure the quasi-nightmare of the Kingdom.  The real nightmare would be for us to abandon them–to fail to pray, to fail to send aid, to fail to make change where it can be made.

So, after you’ve tolerated our nation’s celebration of Halloween and before you humbly give thanks for all you have — remember those in the middle .. in the middle of pain, hardship, trial..in the middle of spiritual conflict…in the middle of heaven and earth.  Pray, help, advocate…but don’t abandon them.

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